We are the ONLY company that offers a

"LIFETIME WARRANTY" On All Screen Repairs
If it broke once, chances are it will break again.
So have peace of mind when it does & NEVER EVER PAY FULL PRICE AGAIN!!!
(Lifetime Warranty covers against MFG's defects for as long as you own your device)
(Accidental Drops & Breaks After A Repair Are Only Charged A Deductible)

Not Even Apple Offers This, So WHY Would You Go Anywhere Else Besides Nashua iPhone Repair?

"FAST, PROFESSIONAL iPhone Repairs While You Wait!!!"

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                      *iPhone 4, 4S      Only $69!!! Includes Lifetime Warranty  (25 Minutes)     

                      *iPhone 5/5s/5c Only $89!!! Includes Lifetime Warranty (10 Minutes)

                      *iPhone 6           Only $109!! Includes Lifetime Warranty  (15 Minutes)

                      *iPhone 6+        Only $149!! Includes Lifetime Warranty    (20 Minutes)

                      *iPhone 6S         Only $189!! Includes Lifetime Warranty  (20 Minutes)

                      *iPhone 6S+      Only $249!! Includes Lifetime Warranty  (20 Minutes)

                      *iPod Touch 4   Only $59!!!!    Includes Lifetime Warranty (20 Minutes)

                      *iPod Touch 5   Only $119!! Includes Lifetime Warranty (20 Minutes)

                      *iPad 1,2,3,4      Only $79!!!       Includes Lifetime Warranty  (20 Minutes)

                      *iPad Air's         Only $99!!!     Includes Lifetime Warranty     (20 Minutes)

                      *iPad Mini's       Only $99!!!     Includes Lifetime Warranty     (20 Minutes)

Sales Prices Above Require FaceBook Like, Share Then Showing us at time of service.
Ask for details. (regular price without like & share is $10 more)
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We are conveniently located at
The Nashua iPhone Repair Office
491 Amherst St (Rear Door)
Nashua, NH. 0306

Business Hours
Mon   10am-7pm
Tue    10am-7pm
Wed   10am-7pm
Thur  10am-7pm
Fri     10am-7pm
Sat    10am-7pm
  Sun   10am-7pm 

(By Appointment)

Phone (603) 921-4281


NOTE: LIFETIME WARRANTY  Certain Restrictions apply and may or may not require a deductible.
Call for exact details or come see us today. Also Apple, iPod, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone are trademarks of Apple, Inc. www.NashuaiPhoneRepair.com is an independent service company and in "no way" affiliated with Apple, Inc.   Also opening any electronic device such as an iPhone, iPad etc... May Void Any Current Mfg. Warranty & we are Not Responsible if this happens!.. We simply offer an alternative way of repairing & customizing of your smart phone or iPad screens at affordable prices and usually Way lower than it costs to replace them, Especially if they are out of warranty...  www.NashuaiPhoneRepair.com is NOT responsible for any misprint or misunderstood information. If you have any questions about Any of our services... ASK!

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